We provide corporate and securities counsel to Small and Emerging Growth Companies by revising corporate documents and executing the best option to raise capital.  We work with your management team, accountants, and outside brokers to determine your financial needs, and then develop the most effective and lowest cost means to raise investment capital.

The JOBS Act changed in our securities laws by opening up two new types of offerings that can be offered publicly.  Title II of the JOBS Act changed Regulation D by adding new Rule 506(c) which allows issuers to advertise their offering publicly on condition that all sales are made to Accredited Investors with proper verification.  A growing number of issuers are now using exemption over Rule 506(b) offerings, and that demand is lowering the cost for verification.

Title IV of the JOBS Act created the most significant change.  It allows issuers to first test-the-waters, and then make a public offering at about the same cost as to prepare a private offering.  This increases demand for the securities, and can lower the need for brokers and their fees.  

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