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A Team in Your Corner

A Team in Your Corner

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A Team in Your Corner

A Team in Your Corner

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Ford C. Ladd

Additional Information

Mr. Ladd has over 20 year's experience resolving business law issues and litigating before federal and state courts, regulatory agencies, foreign tribunals, and FIRNA and other arbitration forums.

Mr. Ladd has also assisted a wide range of companies issue private offerings under Regulation D, and has been a leading advocate for lower cost offerings under new Regulation A+.  He has been retained by the National Small Business Association to submit Amicus Briefs supporting the SEC's New Regulation A Amendments in: Monica J. Lindeen, Montana State Auditor ex officio Montana Commissioner of Securities and Insurance v. U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission, D.C. Cir. No. 15-1149 (filed May 22, 2015), consolidated with William F. Galvin, Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts v. U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission, D.C. Cir. No. 15-1150 (filed May 22, 2015).

Professional Memberships and Licenses include:
Chairman: Small & Emerging Growth Company Business Committee, D.C. Bar (2009-2014); Chairman, Corporate Governance Committee, D.C. Bar (2014- Present); Chairman, Securities Law Committee, Bar Association of the District of Columbia (1999-2009); Member, U.S. Supreme Court Bar, D.C. and Virginia Bar, U.S. Tax Court, United States District Courts for Eastern District of Virginia and District of Columbia, and Federal Courts of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit and District of Columbia.  Member, NTSB Bar Association, AOPA Panel Attorney, Leadership Fairfax (Class of 2012), and Member, Exchequer Club of Washington, DC., and Heritage Securities Regulation Working Group.

Reported Decisions include:
       Virginia SCC v. Sweet Seats, LLC, Case Nos. SEC-2009-00099 and 00052 (Va. SCC 2010);
       Wood v. Hughes and UBS, FINRA-DR 09-003334 (Sept. 2010);
       Franz v. Hughes and UBS, FINRA-DR 09-00734 (March 2010);
       Administrator v. Close, NTSB SE (Dec 2008);
       Administrator v. DeShazer, NTSB SE-18042 (Jul 2008);
       In re BearingPoint, Securities Litigation, Civil Action 1:05 CV 00618 (E.D. Va.)
       Westerfeld v. Wachovia Securities et al., NASD-DR 03-02046 (2006);
       Rubens v. American Express Financial Advisors, NASD-DR- 03-07266 (2005);
       Weston v. Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith, Inc. et al.,  NASD-DR 02-02017 (2003);
       Park v. Prudential Securities, Inc. et al., NASD-DR  01-02160 (2003);
       Pigford v. Veneman, 141 F.Supp.2d 60 (D.D.C. 2001);
       Adkins v. Teseo,  180 F.Supp.2d 15  (D.D.C. 2001);
       Lowry v. Commonwealth of Canada, 917 F. Supp. 290 (D. Vt. 1996);
       Black Hills Aviation, Inc. v. United States, 34 F.3d 968 (10th Cir. 1994); and
       Schmidt v. United States, 994 F.2d 843 (8th Cir. 1993).

Lead Plaintiff and Discovery Decisions in Securities Class Actions include:
       Kling v. Amerigroup Corporation, et al., Civil Action 2:05-CV-601 (E.D. Va. 2005);
       In re Cisco Systems Securities Litigation, Civil Action 1:05-MC-64 (E.D. Va. 2005);
       In re BearingPoint, Inc., Securities Litigation II, Civil Action 1:05CV454 (E.D. Va. 2005);
       In re Cable & Wireless, PLC, Securities Litigation, Civil Action 1:02CV1860 (E.D. Va. 2004);
       In re Royal Ahold Securities Litigation, Civil Action 1:03CV216 (E.D. Va. 2003); and
       In re AOL Time Warner, Inc. Shareholder Litigation, MDL Docket No. 1500 (2002).

Papers and Seminars include:
       Ladd, Comparative Advantages of the New Regulation A Amendment (JOBS Act, Title IV) (May 21, 2015), presented with Senior SEC Staff and NASAA

       to the D.C. Bar and broadcast nationally by the Federal Bar Association;

       Ladd, Congressional Staff Briefing on the Effects of Securities Regulation on Entrepreneurial Capital Formation- New Regulation A Plus (Jobs Act, Title IV)

       presented in the United States Capital Building, Room H-122 (May 13, 2015);

       Ladd, Comment Letter to SEC on Proposed Rules for New Regulation A (Mar 19, 2014), supporting state preemption, and calling for exemption from § 12(g) trigger

      with reduced disclosure requirements with enhanced internal controls.

       What happens to securities class actions after Halliburton II (March 5, 2014), presented by Ford C. Ladd, Chairman, Prof. Donald Langevoort (Georgetown  

       Law Center), Steven G. Bradbury (Dechert), and Jeffrey Malone (CII) (all on amicus brief) (D.C. Bar with the U.S. Senate in the Dirksen Senate Office Building on

       March. 5, 2014)

       SEC Reg. A Rules for Offerings up to $50 million will Lower Issuer Costs of Capital, Ford Ladd Chaired and led seminar with Karen Wiedemann, Attorney Fellow,

       SEC, Division of Corporation Finance, Office of Small Business Policy, and Zachary O. Fallon, Special Counsel, SEC, Division of Corporation Finance,

       Office of Small Business Policy, Anna T. Pinedo, Partner, Morrison & Foerster (NY), ABA Federal Regulation of Securities Committee, and Craig Miller,

       Partner, National Professional Practice, Director, Grant Thornton LLP. (D.C. Bar with simultaneous broadcast to New York City, Feb 2014)

        New SEC Rules 506/144A under the JOBS Act Ladd Chaired and presented with Prof. John C. Coffee (Columbia Law), Jonathan Ingram (Acting SEC Gen Counsel

        for Corporate Finance), Karen Wiedeman (SEC Fellow), and David Weild (CEO Weild & Co, and former Vice Chair NASDAQ) (NY City and DC Bar, Sept 2013)

        Ladd, JOBS Act Creates New Avenues to Raise Capital at Lower Costs (Thomson Reuter Accelus 2012)

        New Regulation A Exemption under HR 1070 and 2167 with Prof. John C. Coffee, Jr. and David Weild (fmr. Vice Chair, NASDAQ (D.C. Bar Sept 2011);

        Private and Reg. A Offering Exemptions with Gerry Laporte, Chief, SEC Office of Small Business Policy, Anthony Miles, Assistant Commissioner of DC Securities, and

        Debra Bollinger, Senior Enforcement Counsel, Virginia State Corporation Commission (D.C. Bar, April 2011);

        Ladd, Bar Association of DC Letter of Recognition to Chairman Dodd (December 2010)

        Non-Public Offering Exemptions Available under the Securities Acts of D.C, Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware presented by Ford Ladd (D.C. Bar, November 17, 2010);

       Ladd, Chairman of Bar Ass’n of DC Securities Law Committee, Comment Letter to SEC ReI. 33-9117, with attached statistical report finding risk retention amount

       in proposed regulation 17 C.F.R. § 239.45(b)(1)(i), is not equivalent to Art. 122a(1) of the EU Capital Requirements Directive 6006/48/EC CEU CRD"),

       thereby giving advantage to European issuers (August 2, 2010).

        Securities Law Seminar with Prof. John C. Coffee, “Impact of Governance and Liability Provisions in the 2101 Wall Street Reform Bill” (BADC June 2010)

        Securities Law Seminar with Senator Richard Shelby and Prof. John Coffee; Response to Treasury Blueprint and Changes Needed in Securities Market Oversight    

       (BADC Nov. 2008);

       EAA Aviation Safety and Law Seminar (Stafford, VA May 2008);

       AOPA/AFS Safety and Legal Seminar, sponsored with Va. Dept of Aviation  (Richmond, VA Oct 2007);

       FAA Wings Safety Seminar, sponsored by FAA, Duty of Care owed by CFIs and related civil liability (Sept 2007).

       FAA Wings Safety Seminar, sponsored by Civil Air Patrol with FAA, NTSB, and Cirrus Design (Apr 2006).

        Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, Chairman of televised Panel Discussion with Congr. Michael G. Oxley, sponsored by Bar Association of District of Columbia and

        broadcast on CSPAN    (Nov 2002)

        Emerging Issues Under the Federal Securities Laws in a Volatile Market (Bar Ass’n of DC and D.C. Bar 2001)

        Panel Discussion with SEC Commissioner Isaac Hunt on Reg FD (2000)

        Overview of the Uniform Prudent Investor Act (Virginia CLE June 2000)

       Impact of Uniform Prudent Investor Act (Bar Association of District of Columbia, Jan 2000).

       J.D., 1983, University of Richmond, Richmond, VA (corporate, commercial, securities, tax, and civil litigation)
       M.B.A., 1980, College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA (Business Review – finance, portfolio theory, and accounting)
       B.S.M.E., 1975, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN (turbo-machinery, thermodynamics, and automatic control theory)

Outside Legal Activities and Business Experience:
       2010-      Chair, DC Bar, Small & Emerging Growth Business Committee, activities include submitting comment Present   to SEC and Congress, reviewing content     

                       leading securities law seminars with Members of Congress, SEC, State Regulators, and Leading Industry Experts.

                       These activities have also led to individual participation on Congressional Working Groups, and

                       submission of comment and amendments that were incorporated into the JOBS Act

       2000-      Chair, Securities Law Committee of the Bar Assn of the District of Columbia, moderated and led
       2010       securities law seminars with Members of Congress, SEC Commissioners, and leading industry
                      Experts.  Meet with Congressional Working Groups, and submitted proposed amendments to
                      Congress on the Sarbanes Oxley Act and the Dodd-Frank Act.

       2000-      Lecturer at Business and Safety Seminars presented by FAA, AOPA, Va. Dept. of Aviation, and EAA.

       1978-      Small Business Administration, Financial Consultant, Williamsburg, VA.

       1975       Union Oil Company of California, Industrial Sales Engineer.  Developed new products, provided technical support, negotiated national and regional contracts,

                      and oversaw product transport.

Outside Awards:
                      Outstanding Chairman of the Year, Bar Association of the District of Columbia: Securities Law Committee (1999)

                      Outstanding Chairman of the Year, Bar Association of the District of Columbia: Securities Law Committee (2003)

                      Super Lawyer in Business Litigation, Securities Litigation, and Transportation & Maritime Law.

                      U.S. Department of Justice Special Achievement Award (1993)

                     CAP National Commander’s Commendation Award for Outstanding Duty Performance 2007 and 2008;

                     CAP Wing Commander’s Commendation Award for Outstanding Duty Performance 2006;

                     CAP Mission Pilot, Legal Officer, and Director of Cadet Flight Orientation Flight Programs (NATCAP)

Email:   fladd@sec-law.com



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